Other Specialty Services

Recognizing the complex needs of patients facing behavioral issues, mental illness and substance use, Loma Linda University Behavioral Medicine Center provides a full range of services including inpatient and outpatient treatment along with a variety of specialty programs and services.

Chronic Pain Program

When faced with chronic pain, many individuals depend on prescribed medication to deal with their physical pain. For many, that dependency becomes an addiction that soon spirals out of control. Loma Linda University Behavioral Medicine Center has developed a specialized program to address the unique needs of a chronic pain patient by addressing all aspects of the individual’s mind, body and spirit so the individual can reclaim their life through hope, healing and serenity.

Shield Program for Adolesent Self-injury

Discovering that your teen “cuts” or self-injures his or her body is absolutely terrifying for a parent. You may fear that your teen is contemplating suicide. The Shield Program for Adolescent Self-Injury at Loma Linda University Behavioral Medicine Center is designed to help your teen learn ways to cope with extreme emotions without resorting to self-injury and to help parents understand how overwhelming emotions lead some teens to hurt themselves.

Eating Disorder Outpatient Program for Adolescents and Adults

Recognizing a patient’s need for various levels of care, LLUBMC offers both Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP), Partial Hospital Programs (PHP) and Discharge Planning. The purpose of this program is to re-establish a healthy relationship with food and eliminate the restricting and/or purging behaviors.

Wisdom Program

This program at Loma Linda University Behavioral Medicine Center is a geriatric intensive outpatient program specifically designed for older adults with anxiety, depression, grief and loss, life stage changes, mild to moderate memory complaints and other mental health symptoms. This program is comprised of a multidisciplinary team and a multi-modal treatment model that addresses all areas of the older adult and their family’s life.

MEND Program

This program is designed to support the patient and his/her family in maintaining or regaining emotional health and balance during the process of a significant medical illness or treatment such as transplantation, diabetes management or chemotherapy.