Substance Use Recovery & Wellness Program

Substance Use is an illness that affects every aspect of a person’s life. Entering treatment may be a difficult and emotional decision, but the support of compassionate and experienced staff makes the first steps to recovery a little easier. You will find that determination and hope is restored in our patients and families when the entire family begins to establish an on-going recovery process.

Loma Linda University Behavioral Medicine Center’s Substance Use Recover and Wellness Program is an adult program providing the highest quality of care consistent with the guidelines of the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM). The Substance Use Program endorses the 12-step, self-help approach to recovery and offers the flexibility of several different levels of care including inpatient and outpatient alternatives.

What is Substance Use?

The simplest explanation is when a person is experiencing continued negative consequences from drinking or using drugs. Other factors to consider may include unsuccessful attempts to stop or cut back usage of alcohol or drugs, family members or others being concerned about the drinking/using, missing days of work or school because of drinking or using (or being hung-over) or having a blackout where there are periods of time that cannot be remembered. Substance Use is treatable. The quality of a person’s life can greatly improve through abstinence and learning skills to maintain sobriety. Persons who are open to the opportunity of recovery find that dramatic changes in their quality of life continue in the years to come.

Program Goals

Chemical Dependency Services is dedicated to assisting patients in achieving abstinence from mind and mood altering substances. To achieve this goal, the treatment team focuses on the whole person. Staff members help patients achieve the following goals:

  • Safe medical detoxification
  • Increased insight and education about the disease of chemical dependency
  • Re-establish meaning, purpose and hope in the family
  • Begin participation in 12-step self help groups
  • Develop coping skills to achieve long-term sobriety
  • Become involved in a long-term recovery process

Program Features

  • Detoxification: Safe, medically managed detox is an important first step for many substance use patients. We provide the support of a trained, experienced and caring staff in a hospital environment.
  • Outpatient Treatment: The most effective treatment for substance use is group process. Groups focus on a variety of topics including: learning about the disease of addiction, new coping skills and relapse prevention.
  • Spiritual Care: We recognize spirituality as a key component in the recovery process. As a member of the treatment team, the chaplain provides individual care and groups to help patients process spiritual pain and grief issues.
  • Family Care: Substance use affects the entire family. Involvement in the program’s family groups increases understanding of this disease. Couple’s group focuses on improving communication between spouses. Children’s groups and multifamily groups focus on educating children of addicted parents and improving the quality of life for the entire family.
  • RAA and sober living: There is an independent, active alumni association, which consists of individuals who have graduated from the program. Sober living homes, operated by the Recovery Alumni Association, are available for outpatients participating in the program.
  • Relapse Prevention: Identifying and learning to handle relapse triggers can be an important part of recovery. A wide variety of topics are addressed such as social pressures, high risk situations, cravings and anger management.
  • Recreation Therapy: For many addicts and alcoholics, healthy leisure skills have been replaced with using and drinking. Chemical Dependency Services addresses this issue with groups that focus on healthy leisure skills, exercise and team building. Patients also participate in bi-weekly sober outings to promote healthy social skills and reintegration to healthy fun.
  • Chronic Pain: We are one of the few treatment centers that offers specialized care for those dependent on prescription medication in association with chronic pain. The program strives to meet the physical, psychological and spiritual needs that are unique to those with chronic pain.

Other specialized services for dealing with chronic pain